The terrible two go XC schooling!

In anticipation for our first event of the season we decide it was probably a good idea to take Reggie for some xc schooling at Ely, and drag the little grey wonder (as she’s known during a good week) with him. Bee went first and was cute as a button, popping all the little ones, the ditches and waters like a pro! She has grown up so much since last time we took her cross country (7 months ago!) so I’m really thrilled with her.

Next up was Reggie, who had obviously been polishing his halo while Bee strutted her stuff. He was spot on to everything including the skinnies so I didn’t do much with him but we both had a blast.

We got back to the box to find Bee, in her dismay that Reggie went off without her, had tried to stick her head trough the lorry roof… Dear girl. So the lorry now has a slightly concave ceiling to match the slightly concave skirting where mum and Sally have driven it into things! Perhaps we’ll save buying an Oakley until we have well behaved ponies and preferably a chauffeur to boot…


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