The long awaited first event of the season!

Zoom zoom!

The day finally dawned for us to take the delectable Reggie to Great Witchingham for our first BE100 of the season. We felt a little lost with out Reggie’s owner Sally who skived to honeymoon in South Africa but gained a fan in my sister who has been home from University for Easter.

We had stressage at 9.06 and he warmed up well with ‘Auntie’ Kate shouting instructions at us (mainly me) as it became more and more apparent that a winter of hunting and jumping cheeky ponies had taken its toll on my inner dressage diva. The bell went and I promptly dropped him off the contact and did my best to ruin just a little of nearly every movement. Poor Reggie had no chance and it came as no surprise to discover we had earnt a poxy 46 for our efforts.

The showjumping came next and again I was reminded how much my riding is affected without regular lessons! We had the first three down due to my incompetence at wrestling his head into a position he can actually see the jumps (dear boy) and then the last which was excusable as it was downhill and ‘poley’ and lots were having it down. I think I shocked most people in the collecting ring by giving him big pats and telling Team Reggie that he jumped well! I’m so pleased they were completely my fault, it’s so much easier to accept failure when you only have yourself to blame and I certainly know what to work on for next time!

My little (huge!) cross country machine absolutely flew the solid fences, nearly catching up the horse in front and giving me a super ride. I was therefore really shocked to see we had 3 time penalties whereas the one in front had none! I think there must have been a mix up but seeing as we weren’t exactly in contention (!) there wasn’t much point in complaining.

All in all not a gleaming report on paper but a decent first run- at least we’ll be kept busy correcting things for next time!


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