Pony Club ODE

Thursday last week saw my first days event grooming of the year. I was up at 5am to do Reggie and muck out three others before setting off to walk the cross country with the little ones. A nerve racking experience when A didn’t avoid the ‘big E’ once last season for errors of course! It’s easy to forget how long it takes to walk and memorize courses when you have small legs and fully saturated brains from learning the dressage test so by the time we got back to the box it was time to tack up and get lunging W. She went sweetly but came a little tense when her also tense jockey clambered on and went on to score a generous 34. She then stormed the next two phases for a super double clear and 2nd place. 

A started a good test but his reins grew and grew until his pony’s head was in the next county and by the time A realised they were cantering on the wrong leg I had changed onto the correct one which was then ‘corrected’… so they did a super counter canter which earned them a 3. 

He also went double clear, over all the right fences! A  huge relief and they would have got a pretty blue rosie without his 10 xc time penalties. 

A good day at the office.



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