Reggie struts his stuff at BRC Area combined training!

We were drafted in at the last minute to make the trek to Bury St Edmunds to represent our local riding club, Carousel. Dressage and showjumping, our favorite! As I put Reggie’s plaits in in the pouring rain I was struggling to think of positives- rubbish weather, we got just 60% in our last test and a long journey ahead of us. However the day dawned bright and sunny and I even had time to do a barrow of poo picking before we left, the joys! 

We arrived at the show ground with plenty of time to have his passport checked and my hat tagged (blue this time to add to the purple PC and green BE tags, very fetching). I left it unusually late to warm Reg up but it really worked in our favour and I was really pleased with his test- he felt soft and onside throughout and did some really very nice work. Clever Reggie!

We went straight on to the showjumping which, at 75cm, looked very jumpable. I was worried about appearing to be a pot hunter seeing as we have been jumping BE100 for two seasons, but considering I’m always thrilled if we only have four down I decided to go for it. He jumped a sweet clear (I would have been cross with any less!) though he gave the third fence a good rub to keep me on my toes, dear boy! 

After much MUCH waiting around we found Reggie had scored 70% and won convincingly! I straight away asked if they had added it up wrong, Mum explained Reggie never wins anything and there must be a mistake, and Sally asked if I was friends with the judge… Nothing like a little confidence in horse and rider! The answer to all of the questions above was a resounding no; in fact the judge in question usually marks us quite harshly so I was absolutely thrilled!  Now we just have to reproduce our success out eventing! Next up Polar PC Intermediate- watch this space.


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