About me

“Team Reggie” started back in October 2009 when Reggie and I were introduced. He was a 9yo ex-racehorse, who’d retired from racing 18 months earlier and had been chilling in a field, recuperating from a racing injury. I was 15, and needed a new horse. My mum’s ‘checklist’ for a new horse read: “15hh-16hh, experienced up to 1.10m eventing”. Reg, at 17hh and only ever raced, was not ideal… However, I fell in love with him almost instantly and his owner allowed us to loan him. This marked the start of Team Reggie!

Reggie and I at the Royal Norfolk Show, 2012: we came 6th in the RoR class! It was our first attempt at anything more than very local showing, and he coped with the atmosphere amazingly… The ride judge even put him in first!

The following years were a bit tricky. I struggled to find the right questions to ask him, and our SJ was fast, furious and never near clear and our dressage was even faster. He was trying and I was trying, but it was the blind leading the blind! But throughout our struggles, Reg’s owner and my mum and sister kept telling us we were doing just fine: they turned up to every event and cheered us on. They were pros at making 3 poles down and a 47% dressage sound like an Olympic gold! Over the last 2 years, with the help of some amazing instructors, Reg and I turned a corner. He’s an amazing horse and we’re now competing at BE100 confidently- I’m quietly planning a Novice, but the rest of Team Reggie goes a bit pale when I say that…

Last year, we added another ex-racer to the team: Bee (Never Be Cross). She’s little and feisty and she makes me laugh. I hope she turns out to be a bit special- she’s got all the makings of a rather awesome eventer, so fingers crossed!

This blog will chart the weekly progress of the team, and I’ll most likely chat about my jobs as well- I work for a PC family; as a freelance groom; and in the local chip shop to fund my eventing habit (and no, working in the chippy hasn’t diminished my love of fish and chips at all!).




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