Bee does John Adams

Yesterday we took Bee to have a John Adams lesson at Little Palgrave. Reggie was supposed to be eventing at Great Witchingham the day before but it was cancelled (booo) so I was disappointed he couldn’t go too as I find lessons with John super useful!

Bee was very bright (a raving lunatic) when we got her off the lorry, cue much fastening of body amour and summons of lunge lines! Thankfully she settled down in the time we had while the lesson before us finished and she was actually quite chilled once in the big field he was teaching in.

We worked on correcting my habit of going too deep into corners and then jumping crooked to correct myself; so if I jump off a right turn I end up jumping left as we have gone too far over to be truly straight. This is something I had no idea I was even doing, showing how useful it is to have a fresh pair of eyes on you occasionally. We also worked on making the canter snappier which is coming but it will be a while yet before her canter is established enough to be very adjustable. A video of the lesson can be seen on my Youtube channel!

The children are now on their Easter holidays so any tranquility at work has now been completely thwarted! We have quite a busy schedule coming up for them so it will be quite hectic with mine to get out and about too. Next up is XC schooling at Blackwater- wish me luck..


Forest Edge SJ schooling


Forest Edge SJ schooling

Bee went SJ schooling today, she was really sweet and willing. I focused on keeping the forwards, quality canter rather than going for the bigger fences and she was super! Click on the photo to see us in action on Youtube!

She had a bit of a flid attack at the start of the session when she saw her reflection in the glass. She tried to make friends with her reflection in the barn window a few days ago, but put her head through the window in the process… I’m not sure how she escaped unscathed- if Reg had done that, he’d have removed most of his face! But she decided it wasn’t THAT scary and was so well behaved! You can see her have the “Agh” moment at the very start- she’s a funny bunny!