I’m sure they said it was spring?

Bums to the wind…

That delightful time of year when hunting and eventing seasons collide…
Last Saturday was the last hunt of the season for our local pack, and so all four children gallantly braved the elements. I was rather hoping they wouldn’t as we had Reggie entered in the PC Intermediate at Poplar Park the next day and I still needed to plait/ wash and school him in the chucking down rain/ snow/ hail when I got home!
We certainly finished the season with a bang, with S running away with her jockey, kicking his brother, rolling in a puddle and jumping a ditch so big B fell off. Thankfully we didn’t stay out too long so I had plenty of time to plait up etc with frozen hands, chattering teeth and a very jolly Reggie dancing circles around me (he always knows just how to cheer me up!).
Unsurprisingly the ODE was cancelled so we had a quiet day chasing Bee out of the drive and taking out the plaits I had so carefully put in the night before.
I love eventing!